New Arrivals

Breast Milk

Keriton raised $1 million to help keep premature babies on breast milk. The Pumped Breast Milk Management system provides a fully automated tracking system for this liquid gold. Five pilots will be deployed in 2017. 

The Philly-based company investment round was led by BioAdvance and joined by Ben Franklin Technology PartnersDreamit VenturesPenn MedicineAmerihealthWhartonDorm Room Fund and investor Steve Barsh

Keriton was also named one of ten finalist at Impact Pediatric Health  2017 pitch competition at the SXSW Conference.

Feeding/Gut Health 

Astarte Medical has developed NICUtrition a clinical decision-making tool that releases the power of clinical data from the EHR in real time to assess the state of the preterm infant’s gut health for more informed decisions in hospital feeding protocols in the NICU. 

By providing quantitative data about gut health, NICUtrition will allow for personalized care and nutrition to optimize growth and outcomes. They are targeting one of the most devastating conditions affecting preemies - Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

NICU 2 Parent Communication

Following $300,000 funding from the US Agency for Healthcare Research Quality’s (AHRQ) Health Information Technology portfolio for their project NICU-2-HOME: Using HIT to support parents of NICU graduates transitioning from the NICU to home (R21 HS20316; 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2014), Gingiber Labs Inc. is developing the next generation of their app that directly connects new parents to real-time information about their babies in the NICU.  Led by Craig Garfield, a neonatal hospitalist at Northwestern's Prentice Women's Hospital and an attending physician at Lurie Children's Hospital and Young Lee, PhD, this new version of the App will be funded by a $500,000 grant from Friends of Prentice, the hospital's volunteer fundraising board. It's one of the largest single awards in the board's 32-year history, according to Laura Linger, Friends of Prentice's head of special grants.