It Takes A Village!

It Takes A Village!

Today, on World Prematurity Day 2016, we launch our blog and the Baby Living Lab. 

We invite solvers – curious individuals with passion and ideas to join the conversation, collaborate and co-create solutions with us for better preemie care. Baby Living Lab will be your solver-led community blog to help inspire, inform and innovate healthcare for our most precious gifts - preemie babies.

Crowdsourcing ideas from every parent, grandparent, nurse, doctor, entrepreneur, designer or engineer is an essential driver of innovation. We believe only insights and input from the entire ecosystem can truly raise the standard of care and healthcare treatment options for premature babies.

What you will find in Baby Living Lab in the coming months:

·      The Foundry

Forging new ideas and ways to address unmet needs in preemie care is critical today.

Patient-centric initiatives are now giving way to empowered patient-led solutions through new co-creation tools (more later in our blog) and living labs. Everyone in the ecosystem needs to be part of the innovation wave. In the Foundry we will post podcast interviews and articles on innovation taking place in neonatal care. Also, look for upcoming challenges!

·      Mind The Gap

We love science. We love reading clinical studies and especially blogs by neonatologists, researchers and other experts.  We love that rare group of clinicians who dedicate hours each week [A blog post on well…physician bloggers] to keep their colleagues and parents of preemies informed on the state of science, who criticize and question what is missing, what is not there, and what could be there and explored. They have the authority and bullhorn to tell us to “mind the gap” and vision future care. 

·      Visionary Valley

We put a spotlight on innovative products and services being developed that may change the face of neonatal care in the near or distant future.  Send us your suggestions so we can inspire others. 

·      The Orchard

So much picking out there. This is our go to list of useful resources, our apples and oranges of sites, tools and articles we like, love and may use.

Premature babies matter. Neonatal innovation matters.
Let's put a spotlight on the issues, share information and co-create solutions for a healthier start. 

Creative Commons license, Photo attribution to Peter Ras

Who'll fill the neonatal innovation pipeline?

Who'll fill the neonatal innovation pipeline?

World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day